66 Scenes From America, 1982


”We are artists and this is experimental film art.

We make art on the conditions that are available to us. Through the media we have access to. Through contemporary media. Through the media we like.

The ideas are more important than the technical tools. As a filmmaker, I like to use primitive methods. I like that a lot actually; It is a personal method with personal choices.”                                                           

Jørgen Leth

De Fem Benspænd, 2003


ECOLE DE LETH is a pop up film school based on the filmmaking approach and artistic output of the eclectic Danish film director and poet, Jørgen Leth. As a mentor to such directors as Lars von Trier, Kristian Levring and Thomas Vinterberg, Jørgen Leth is the grandfather of the Dogma-movement and of the personal subjective documentary.

ECOLE DE LETH is for those, who wish to work with the film medium in the future, and for those who already do and dream of an artistic and creative playground to further develop their filmic skills.

The process revolves around a selection of Jørgen Leth’s key films and their unique methodology. Based on these methods, the students will write, direct and edit their own films within genres such as documentary, fiction and experimental film. At the end of the course, the students are left with practical production experience, a growing industry network, artistic experiments and three short film.

Det Perfekte Menneske, 1967