ECOLE DE LETH teaches film language, film history, method, structure, character development, direction, editing, mis-en-scene and, in particular, idea and concept development. This is done through practical rehearsals and a multitude of experiments and tests. Learning by doing. Learning by guidence. The courses is taught by the schools permanent staff, including Asger and Jørgen Leth, alongside a rotating array of guest teachers from the top of the film industry.

Over 12 submersive weeks, the students will learn to create a broad spectrum of visual stories. The school focuses on the film medium in a broad sense, where all types of expression and distribution of ideas through moving images are welcomed; From classic documentary, over short films shot on iPhones, to Youtube web series, alternative film formats, podcasts and video art.

Regardless of format, it is the ambition of ECOLE DE LETH, to encourage the students to be experimental and methodical i their approach - inspired by Jørgen’s work credo.